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yoga06 The food culture in India is extremely diverse owing to the differences in climatic conditions, religious beliefs and local produce. The kind of dishes that you may find in South India would be completely different from North Indian cuisine or the cuisine in Western India. Indian food is largely dependent on its tradition and religious beliefs, making the vegetarian diet an important aspect of its rich cultural significance. Known to be rich in spices, taste and texture Indian cuisine offers you a multitude of variation for your taste buds. The food culture in Delhi owes its heritage to a number of cultures from different parts of India as well as outsiders.

You will witness a strong blend of history and taste in the food culture . Delhi ,being famous for its wide range of street foods is a gourmet’s delight. Here you will find North Indian, Awadhi, Punjabi, Mughlai , Afghani and street food from food joints operating since generations. What many people do not know is that Delhi also offers a range of healthy and wholesome Yoga foods, beneficial for the mind and body alike.

Yoga and it benefits

Yoga is the union of mind, body and soul. It signifies the divine attunement of the individual to Cosmic Consciousness bringing peace, bliss and harmony. It is an age old Indian regimen incorporating a wide variety of benefits. Not only does Yoga benefit the body by healing various ailments through Yogasanas (Yoga postures) but it also aims at bringing mental clarity and a higher level of awareness. The timeless secrets of Yoga from the ancient scriptures of India can be beneficial to anyone. For tourists who want to learn about this age old Indian spiritual practice offering lifelong benefits, we have a yoga tour/class combined with Yogic food to suit your spiritual needs.

Yoga food

Yoga is not just a couple of complex postures but a way of life. It is the perfect combination of art and science. Yoga believes that along with a balanced life, the right kind of food is of extreme importance. Vegetarian food that is wholesome, nutritious, fresh and delicately spiced forms an integral part of the Yogic diet. Yoga food is essentially vegetarian and preserves the natural benefits of the ingredients. Contrary to classifying food into carbohydrates, fats or proteins the Yoga philosophy qualifies food according to the life force (Prana) energy that it provides to the body. Known as SATTVIC foods these purify the body and calm the mind.

We offer you a complete package covering the basics of Yoga along with Yoga foods in a serene environment.


Yoga food tour

For Yoga enthusiasts this offers a perfect setting to stay away from conventional sightseeing and rushing around and indulge your time in enhancing your spirit. The Yoga food tour can be arranged for half a day or can be accommodated for the entire day (up to 8 hours) as per your requirements. You will learn about the basics and benefits of Yoga along with some breathing techniques and meditation in a Yoga studio or Home to bring peace and calmness. You will also learn about Yoga foods and how to prepare them. We can also include an optional Yoga food cooking class for those of you who are interested. The food yoga packages described below serve as a sample and can be customised according to your preferences.

Our Classes

Yoga Food For Full Day

Full Day Session of Yoga Exercises & Healthy Food

This tour can begin early in the morning or at noon depending on your convenience. You will be provided transport facility from your hotel . After reaching the Yoga studio you will be served some light healthy and nutritious Yoga food.

Introduction to Yoga and Healthy Yoga Food

The Yoga Food session will begin with an introduction to the ancient art of Yoga. The Yoga instructor will explain different aspects of Yoga with special emphasis on dietary aspects and how a mix of good dietary habits combined with yoga can help you stay health without much effort. You will be learning about the principles which make Yoga practice so beneficial. The highly qualified trainers will answer your queries and give you wonderful insights regarding Yoga and appropriate food. Apart from this you will also be asked to perform some simple Yogasanas ( special postures) which form the heart of Yoga practice.
Meditation and breathing techniques

As you learn the foundation of Yoga, the trainer will teach you some simple breathing exercises coming from Indian scriptures, which will be followed by a brief period of calming meditation. As you learn this simple yet extremely effective techniques you can practice them back home and make them a regular part of your routine for a stress free and rejuvenated life.

Rest and free time

You may want to relax a awhile and digest all the information that you have gained. You may also wish to discuss your new found knowledge with your colleagues or spend some time lazing around

Introduction to Yogic diet

Followed by the period of rest and relaxation, we resume our session by gaining some insights into Yogic diet (Yoga food or Sattvic diet). This forms a unique and important part of the Yoga practice. “You are what you eat.” goes an old saying. The Yoga food and diet will explain to you how a simple vegetarian diet can give complete nourishment not only to the body but also the mind. If you wish, you can learn how to make such meals in a short cooking demo. The Food Yoga session will end with the meal followed by some Yoga asanas which aid quick digestion.



Duration: 8 hours.

Includes: Food Yoga class, 2 meals, breakfast and lunch or lunch dinner, transportation

Price: INR 10000 (US $ 166) for one guest., INR 7500 for each extra guest. (US $ 125)

Food Yoga for Half Day

 Short  Session of Yoga Exercises and Healthy Food

This Food Yoga session usually begins early  morning which is considered to be the best time for Yoga. Evening sessions can also be arranged on request.

Introduction to Yoga & Appropriate Yoga Food

Here you will be taught the basic principles underlying the science of Yoga and healthy diet by qualified trainers. You will be taught different yoga exercises ranging from simple to complex in terms of difficulty. These yoga exercises are based on ancient principles and have the potential to cure many common ailments. They also provide a sense of general well being and stretch the body.
Breathing techniques and Pranayama

After learning the postures you will be introduced to specific breathing techniques called PRANAYAMA. These techniques promise peace of mind and internal wellbeing if practised sincerely for an extended period. You will have a chance to practice these techniques as the trainer watches you and aids you in your learning. A period of meditation follows bringing tranquility and calming the restless mind.

Yoga food and benefits

After the yoga session, you will be taught about the underlying principles of Yoga foods and their benefits. You have the option of attending a cooking demo in which you can learn to prepare simple, delicious and nourishing vegetarian meals . The ingredients and choice of ingredients along with the emotions of the person preparing the meals are equally important aspects of preparing the yogic diet. After the meal, there will be a short Yoga session in which you will be taught some Yoga exercises which help digestive system by aiding digestion.


Duration: 4 hours.

Includes: Yoga class, breakfast or dinner, transportation from central Delhi.

Price: INR 6500 (US $ 108) for one guest., INR 4500 for each extra guest. (US $ 75)

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