Short  Session of Yoga Exercises and Healthy Food

This Food Yoga session usually begins early  morning which is considered to be the best time for Yoga. Evening sessions can also be arranged on request.

Introduction to Yoga & Appropriate Yoga Food

Here you will be taught the basic principles underlying the science of Yoga and healthy diet by qualified trainers. You will be taught different yoga exercises ranging from simple to complex in terms of difficulty. These yoga exercises are based on ancient principles and have the potential to cure many common ailments. They also provide a sense of general well being and stretch the body.
Breathing techniques and Pranayama

After learning the postures you will be introduced to specific breathing techniques called PRANAYAMA. These techniques promise peace of mind and internal wellbeing if practised sincerely for an extended period. You will have a chance to practice these techniques as the trainer watches you and aids you in your learning. A period of meditation follows bringing tranquility and calming the restless mind.

Yoga food and benefits

After the yoga session, you will be taught about the underlying principles of Yoga foods and their benefits. You have the option of attending a cooking demo in which you can learn to prepare simple, delicious and nourishing vegetarian meals . The ingredients and choice of ingredients along with the emotions of the person preparing the meals are equally important aspects of preparing the yogic diet. After the meal, there will be a short Yoga session in which you will be taught some Yoga exercises which help digestive system by aiding digestion.


Duration: 4 hours.

Includes: Yoga class, breakfast or dinner, transportation from central Delhi.

Price: INR 6500 (US $ 108) for one guest., INR 4500 for each extra guest. (US $ 75)

Delhi Food Yoga

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