Full Day Session of Yoga Exercises & Healthy Food

This tour can begin early in the morning or at noon depending on your convenience. You will be provided transport facility from your hotel . After reaching the Yoga studio you will be served some light healthy and nutritious Yoga food.

Introduction to Yoga and Healthy Yoga Food

The Yoga Food session will begin with an introduction to the ancient art of Yoga. The Yoga instructor will explain different aspects of Yoga with special emphasis on dietary aspects and how a mix of good dietary habits combined with yoga can help you stay health without much effort. You will be learning about the principles which make Yoga practice so beneficial. The highly qualified trainers will answer your queries and give you wonderful insights regarding Yoga and appropriate food. Apart from this you will also be asked to perform some simple Yogasanas ( special postures) which form the heart of Yoga practice.
Meditation and breathing techniques

As you learn the foundation of Yoga, the trainer will teach you some simple breathing exercises coming from Indian scriptures, which will be followed by a brief period of calming meditation. As you learn this simple yet extremely effective techniques you can practice them back home and make them a regular part of your routine for a stress free and rejuvenated life.

Rest and free time

You may want to relax a awhile and digest all the information that you have gained. You may also wish to discuss your new found knowledge with your colleagues or spend some time lazing around

Introduction to Yogic diet

Followed by the period of rest and relaxation, we resume our session by gaining some insights into Yogic diet (Yoga food or Sattvic diet). This forms a unique and important part of the Yoga practice. “You are what you eat.” goes an old saying. The Yoga food and diet will explain to you how a simple vegetarian diet can give complete nourishment not only to the body but also the mind. If you wish, you can learn how to make such meals in a short cooking demo. The Food Yoga session will end with the meal followed by some Yoga asanas which aid quick digestion.



Duration: 8 hours.

Includes: Food Yoga class, 2 meals, breakfast and lunch or lunch dinner, transportation

Price: INR 10000 (US $ 166) for one guest., INR 7500 for each extra guest. (US $ 125)

Delhi Food Yoga

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